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4th Year Interior Design

Kacey is a 4th year student pursuing a Bachelor of Interior Design from Dallas, Texas. She is currently a member of the ASID Student Chapter and took part in the virtual Rome Design Studio in the Summer of 2020. This past summer she interned with Broadstone Design Group, located in the small town of Forney, Texas. Kacey enjoys volunteering and giving back to the community. She also has a deep interest for graphic design and residential design, which she hopes to gain more experience in after she graduates in May 2022.

Rome Virtual Study Abroad - Light Box
Wall Section - Ceiling Height Change
Farmers Market - Vendor Booth Perspective
Bill & Melinda Gates Office Design - Workstation Perspective
Community Kitchen - Chef Demonstration Perspective
Bill and Melinda Gates Office Design - Circulation Perspective
Custom Reception Desk Millwork