3rd Year Interior Design

Francesca Robinson is from Waco, Texas and moved to Fayetteville to acquire her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the University of Arkansas. She is currently a third-year student and an active student member of ASID to expand her knowledge on real-world design experiences. Fran chose to become a designer due to her passion to create sustainable modern designs that provoke interaction between occupants. She is intrigued with retail and residential design and enjoys exploring how textures, colors, and materials can alter the human perception of space. She plans to obtain an internship during the summer months of 2021 and will be graduating from the University in December of 2022.

Coffee Shop Project Detailed Wall Element for theater space

Coffee Shop Project Exterior Perspective

Color Study Interior Elevations

Color Study Model Images

Palm Springs Project Site Plan

Palm Springs Project Exterior Perspective

Palm Springs Project Interior Elevations of Coffee Shop, 2 Bedroom, and Studio Bedroom