3rd Year Interior Design

Carlee McGuire is a third-year interior design student from Kingsport, Tennessee; she is a member of the Honors College as well as ASID. Carlee is interested in luxury retail, hospitality, and restaurant design, and she aspires to travel the globe working on international commissions. She is also interested in the ways fashion, culture, and marketing influence interior design and would love to tie these aspects into her career. For the past few months Carlee has interned as a Junior Designer at Casey Sarkin Interior Design in Fayetteville, Arkansas and is currently still interning there when she is not in class. Carlee plans to study abroad in both Mexico City and Rome in the coming year. To Carlee, design is a tool that should be used to make the environments around us more beautiful, fun, vibrant, and accessible.

Collage of Hand-Drawn Travel Sketches

Orthographic Floorplan of Palm Springs Retirement Community

Handmade Diagrammatic Model of Case Study House 20B

Material | Color Rendering of Palm Springs Retirement Community

Diagram of Case Study House 20B Exploring Spatial Fluidity, Mass-to-Space Relationships, and Overall Interior Space Layouts

Diagrammatic Model of The House in Plum Grove (Tokyo) by Kazuyo Sejima

Material Board for Farmers Market | Community Kitchen Adaptive Re-Use Project in Fayetteville, Arkansas