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3rd Year Interior Design

Madison is from Streator, Illinois. She is a third-year student in pursuit of a Bachelor of Interior Design with a minor in Art History. She is an active member of the ASID student chapter and is a teaching assistant for the second-year interior design studio at FJSoA+D. Madison was awarded the Interior Design Foundation Scholarship, awarded to students who show promise in the discipline. She took part in a virtual Rome studio course and plans to complete her studies with travel in the next academic year. She loves the art of storytelling though the built environment and always looks for opportunities to incorporate interdisciplinary work to achieve this. She is interested in commercial design, with specific passion in exhibit and retail design. She is planning to pursue an internship next summer.

Color/Light/Finish Interaction Painting. Acryllic on Mixed Media.

Subtracted Space Special Moment Model

Farmer’s Market Vendor Space Perspective

Light and Color to Aid in Sculptural Storytelling. Rome Studio Course. Hand Modeled with Drawing Overlay.

Light Creating Pattern Study Model

Palm Springs Retirement Community Typical Unit Section Elevations

Palm Springs Retirement Community Typical Unit Perspective