3rd Year Interior Design

Avery Townsell is a 3rd year Honor student from Conway, Arkansas. She is pursuing her Bachelor of Interior Design degree with a minor in History of Architecture and Design and an active member of the student chapter of ASID at the University. She chose design because she wants to be able to create an experience. Avery loves historical preservation and restoration, as well as taking historical buildings and repurposing them for modern use. Avery is interested in how a space can manipulate the human experience and has a passion for all aspects of design: retail, hospitality, residential, and commercial design, also, product production and studying the effects of color. She plans to obtain an internship during the summer of 2021 to learn from seasoned professionals and complete her studies by studying abroad summer of 2022.

Palm Springs Retirement Housing Project | Plan and Section

Palm Springs Retirement Housing Project | Lobby & Recreation Space Plan and Perspective

Palm Springs Retirement Housing Project | Regular Unit Plan (Level 1 & 2) and Perspective

Palm Springs Retirement Housing Project | Material Board

Multipurpose Space Project | Section Perspective & Section Model

Multipurpose Space Project | Plans and Reflected Ceiling Plans

Study of Color in Space Project | Elevations and 3D Max Image