3rd Year Interior Design

Lauren is from Little Rock, Arkansas. She is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Interior Design with a minor in Hospitality Management. She is an active member of the ASID student chapter and took part in the virtual Rome Design Studio in the Summer of 2020. She plans to travel to Rome in the next academic year to complete her studies. Lauren enjoys volunteering, photography, and is interested in residential and commercial hospitality design. She is in pursuit of an internship for the Summer of 2021.

First Floor Coffee Shop Perspectives | Multi-level Coffee Shop & Event Space

Section Perspective | Multi-level Coffee Shop & Event Space

Physical Section Model | Multi-level Coffee Shop & Event Space

2 Bedroom Typical Unit Section Elevations | Palm Springs Retirement Community

Outdoor Area Perspective for Typical Studio Unit | Palm Springs Retirement Community

Stage and Dining Common Area Perspective | Palm Springs Retirement Community

Transformation of Spaces Concertina | Rome Virtual Studio Summer 2020